When you have a large-scale window replacement and installation project that needs to be taken care of on your commercial property, you are probably already planning on hiring a professional to get the job done. Naturally, there are several questions you want to ask the contractors before hiring them, but have you ever considered the questions you should ask yourself? In this post, we will uncover four important questions you should ask yourself before a commercial window installation project.

  1. What Kind of Frame do I Want? There are a few window frame options for you to choose from including fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum, and wood. What style you choose depends not only on the rest of the structure of your commercial building, but several other factors. If you are not sure what frame you want or think is best for your property, the contractor you are working with will be able to recommend the best frames. Fiberglass is usually the most expensive option, but they require no maintenance and can be painted. Vinyl frames are quite popular because they are easy to maintain. However, they usually only come in colors like tan, brown, and white and you won’t be able to paint over them. Aluminum frames are lightweight and inexpensive and are most popular among commercial properties. Lastly, wood frames come in multiple colors, but require the most maintenance and have a shorter life span. 
  2. How Will New Windows Increase Property Value? Should there ever come a time when you decide to sell your commercial property, you’ll undoubtedly want the property to have more value. Windows play a huge role in determining the value of a property as bad quality windows make it more difficult to sell a building while high quality windows are a very attractive feature. Even if you have no plans to sell a commercial space anytime soon, you do want to consider the windows and the role they play in upping property value.  
  3. Do I Want Single or Dual-Glazed Windows? Single-glazed windows only have one pane of glass, while dual-glazed windows have two panes. With single-glazed windows, cleaning becomes much easier and should they ever break, they are easy to replace. The downside of single-glazed windows is that they are not very energy-efficient. Dual-glazed windows trap air between the two glass panes, providing great insulation. If you go for dual-glazed windows, you want to make sure you are investing in high quality panes because the seal on cheap windows fails rather quickly. This makes fixing or replacing the windows quite expensive. In some circumstances, you might even want to consider investing in triple-glazed windows. This should be reserved for commercial property owners who live in climates with strong, winter winds. 
  4. Is it Important to me to Have Energy-Efficient Windows? Not all windows are created the same. Some are designed to be energy-efficient while others are not. If energy-efficient windows are a priority for you, make sure to only invest in windows that have the EnergyStar label on them. If you are unsure of where to find these windows, it is a good idea to discuss your energy-efficient preferences with the commercial window installation contractors before getting to work on replacements and installation. 

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