Twin Cities Multi-Family Housing Construction

We’ve been operating in the twin cities for the past few decades and in that time have helped out with retail, office, and commercial construction of all styles.

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Multi-Family Housing Construction

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Multi-Family Housing Remodeling And Expansions

Because multi-family units need to be changed from time-to-time for maintenance and update reasons, we can remodel according to your specifications. When you want to add individual units or build a new multi-family unit on the property, we can do that for you as well.


There is nothing that is out of our reach when it comes to making sure your multi-family housing units are everything you need them to be.

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Minnesota Multi-Family Housing Construction 

Multi-family housing is becoming more popular as individuals are looking for living spaces throughout the Twin Cities in certain locations. They are also looking for affordable housing and multi-family housing units help achieve that. 

Nonetheless, these units make great investment properties in that a person can build a multi-family housing unit and then rent out the individual units, creating a monthly income for the long-term. 

If you want to build multi-family housing, Rutledge Construction can take care of the job for you. We are there with you from land acquisition to the final inspection of the completed structure. 

If you want to remodel an existing multi-family housing unit or expand it, our Minneapolis and St. Paul residential construction company can do those things for you as well. If you need it done, we can do it.

No Job Too Big Or Too Small!

Since 1947, we have committed ourselves to the customer. Plus, there is no commercial job that is too large or too small for us.

Over 75 Years In Business!

Proudly Local

Since Our Inception, we have stayed true to our Hopkins roots and maintained our support and endorsement of the Twin Cities Metro.

We Provide Results

We are very results-oriented, which means we work hard to make sure our clients are satisfied. Being that there are multiple single units within the structure, some of the same tasks have to be repeated. For example, each unit needs plumbing. This is different than a single family home that has one kitchen and one or two bathrooms (sometimes more). In this case, there will be multiple kitchens and one or two bathrooms per unit. We will oversee the plumbing to ensure every aspect is done correctly.

You may also desire every unit to mirror each other or you may want each one to have its own appearance. It is entirely up to you. What doesn’t change is that the quality of the project remains the same from unit-to-unit. That’s just part of the commitment you get from our Minneapolis and St. Paul residential construction company.

When the job is complete, we will inspect to ensure everything is done correctly. We will walk through with you to ensure you are satisfied. We aren’t satisfied unless you are.

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There are multi-family housing units all around the Twin Cities because they are important. Their importance means that the construction of new units needs to be timely and of a high-quality. If you are ready to build a multi-family housing unit, Rutledge Construction can build a quality unit that will make a great home for your tenants. To learn more about our multi-family housing building services, call us at 952-935-5558 to request a free estimate.

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