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We’ve been operating in the twin cities for the past few decades and in that time have helped out with retail, office, and commercial construction of all styles.

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Finding a Reasonable Cost Estimate

Ultimately, commercial construction tends to succeed and fail based on both the initial budget and adhering to that budget throughout the project. That’s why any preconstruction contractor services need to include a thorough evaluation of the cost of the entire project.


Many variables can play into this question. The initial budget available, location, and specific business needs can all influence how much your construction project will cost. We work with you to build a model that both gives you a general overview and break down of each variable. This model will become invaluable not just in the bidding process, but also to track during the course of the project to ensure minimal overages.

The Importance of an Accurate Timeline

In commercial construction, budget and timeline are inherently intertwined. The longer the project takes, the more money it will cost. Worse, the money lost through not being able to conduct businesses during the construction time is a significant opportunity cost.

That’s why understanding how long your construction project will actually take is absolutely crucial. The right Minnesota preconstruction contractor will help you establish that timeline, making sure that you know exactly what to expect before you enter into your budget commitment. We want to be that contractor for you, partnering closely to ensure an accurate and reasonable timeline for your commercial construction initiative.

Estimating LEED and Other Green Standards

Increasingly, economic sustainability is moving from a social responsibility to a tangible business incentive. Green buildings can save your business money, while providing significant public relations benefits. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency also provides financial incentives for a wide range of renewable energy and improvements in energy efficiency for commercial, institutional and residential buildings.

You cannot start thinking about LEED certification or other green standards as the construction starts. Instead, it should be an integral part of the planning process. We want to partner with you in ensuring that is the case, ensuring the right measure of sustainability from the moment the first thought about your commercial construction project finds its way onto a page.

Fitting Preconstruction into a Larger Project Management Framework

Finally, don’t underestimate the benefits of working with a company that is able to fit preconstruction contractor services into a larger project management framework. Part of the planning project should include applying for building permits, finding construction contractors, engineers, and architects, and more.

Our services bridge the entire range of construction projects, thanks to a design-build approach designed to help businesses like you plan and execute their project from beginning to end. That informs our philosophy, even if you are only in need of preconstruction contractor services for the time being. The result is a more strategic approach that increases your chances of a successful construction project.

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Minnesota Preconstruction Contractor

Any business owner who has engaged in remodeling or new construction knows that the project starts long before the first stone is laid. So many variables play into the equation that a thorough planning process becomes essential, making sure the end product stays within budget, timeline, and business expectations. 

That’s what makes our Preconstruction Contractor Services so valuable to Minnesota businesses. We leverage our decades of construction expertise into a productive partnership with a wide range of commercial partners, helping them plan a better construction project. Through an emphasis on variables like budget, timeline, and sustainability, our services help your business know exactly what is in front of them. 

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