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We’ve been operating in the twin cities for the past few decades and in that time have helped out with retail, office, and commercial construction of all styles.

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Design-Build Services

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Finding a Reasonable Cost Estimate

Ultimately, commercial construction tends to succeed and fail based on both the initial budget and adhering to that budget throughout the project. That’s why any preconstruction contractor services need to include a thorough evaluation of the cost of the entire project.


Many variables can play into this question. The initial budget available, location, and specific business needs can all influence how much your construction project will cost. We work with you to build a model that both gives you a general overview and break down of each variable. This model will become invaluable not just in the bidding process, but also to track during the course of the project to ensure minimal overages.

Understanding the Design-Build Mindset

Especially major construction projects in the commercial space require a variety of professionals to execute the vision and plan. Architects and engineers are vital in the planning stages, while a variety of contractors will execute that plan to the best of their ability.

The problem in this traditional, multi-faceted approach is the fact that often, the individual professionals enlisted to work on your construction project don’t necessarily communicate well. As a result, you might have contractors who execute a different vision than you or your architect envisioned in the planning space.

That potential event is what makes a design-build mindset so important. Working with a partner who takes this delivery approach means that all planning and execution of your commercial construction project in Minnesota occur under the same roof.

We will take care of the initial plan, bids, and the construction itself on your behalf. Your project is assigned a project manager, who oversees all professionals that touch the construction at some point in the process. The result is a process that is significantly more integrated and streamlined than the alternative.

The Importance of Experience in Design-Build Projects

In the Minnesota area and elsewhere, you will find a number of construction companies who claim to approach your project with a design-built mindset. To distinguish between them, pay special attention to the experience they have in projects of similar nature.

For you, a design-build delivery method simplifies the process. But to accomplish that goal, you need to work with a partner that has extensive experience in managing the various entities and professionals who will ultimately be involved in your construction project. If they don’t, you risk your project getting significantly behind budget or your intended timeline.

Design-Build construction approaches have grown rapidly in recent years, with a 10 percent increase in the commercial construction industry in the last five years alone. But that also means construction companies have begun to flood the market with similar approaches despite having little experience in that approach. Our emphasis on design-build approaches outlasts that of our competitors, giving you the experience you look for from a construction partner to ensure successful completion.

Finding Local Expertise to Accomplish Your Design Build

Finally, the core of our services relies on our local expertise. Because we will organize the entire construction process on your behalf, we will be able to source professionals who have worked in the immediate area of your construction process. That local expertise allows us to save costs on materials, while also ensuring that all laws and codes are followed effectively.

Especially in large construction projects, engaging with a Minnesota design-build expert simply makes sense. We would love to partner with you, providing you with our local expertise, extensive experience, and valuable partnerships to ensure that your construction effort gets completed on time and on budget. To learn more about our Minnesota Design-Build services, and how we can help you achieve all of your construction goals, contact us.


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Commercial Design-Build Services in Minnesota

As you plan your commercial construction project, you need to find partners who can help you through the entire process while delivering a reliable product that meets both budget and timeline specifications. Put simply, few approaches can accomplish that goal better than construction companies with a design-build approach to commercial construction.

In the 70-year history of Rutledge Construction, we have worked with countless clients like you to make sure that the construction project in question is planned, discussed, and executed flawlessly from beginning to end. Our design-build approach, in fact, can both simplify the project on your end and streamline the construction site itself.


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