Twin Cities Building Restoration

We’ve been operating in the twin cities for the past few decades and in that time have helped out with retail, office, and commercial construction of all styles.

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Building Restoration

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Assessing the Current Building State

Any building restoration has to begin with assessing the current state of the project. How much of the existing structure can, and should be saved? What needs renovation, and where will complete reconstruction need to occur?

You might be familiar with restoration practices in historical architecture, but the same principles apply for any old building. We can help you assess the state of the building, which is the cornerstone to recommending next steps in making the space both functional and beautiful.


Ensuring Continued Compliance

When restoring a building, you have to keep both local and federal compliance regulation in mind. Especially if the building in question has historic value, understanding the law associated with restoration and renovation is crucial to make sure you remain in compliance without issue.

Of course, understanding the codes and regulations necessary to follow on the local, state, and federal level can be complicated. That’s why it makes sense to work with a reliable construction and restoration partner like Rutledge Construction, who will take the lead in making sure your building restoration process remains within the law at all times.

Taking Basic Restoration Steps

The first actual construction step in the restoration process is to ensure the basic functionality of the building. That can mean anything from reinforcing steel beams to fixing cracks in the wall and ceiling, strengthening the foundation, and waterproofing the roof. The goal in this step is to make sure that the building will hold up structurally for years (and decades) to come.

Naturally, these basic restoration steps are closely related to assessing the current state of the building. Depending on its condition, it may or may not need a new roof or reinforced steel beams. We can help you make sure that all necessary steps are taking to ensure continued functionality without wasting your budget on the areas that don’t need improvement.

Renovation and Construction Services

Once the basics are complete, it’s time to ensure the beauty of the building. Part of our professional restoration services consists of working with our clients to ensure a comprehensive renovation that will build a beautiful and functional space for your business.

In this step, you might need the help of exterior and interior architects to marry function with aesthetics. At the same time, you need to work with professionals who know exactly what it takes to renovate an existing building for your needs. Our design-build emphasis helps you get both at once, providing you with a single partner who can help you ensure a consistent finished project that comes in within your budget.


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How to Partner With Rutledge Construction

Ultimately, building restoration is a comprehensive process that encompasses comprehensive planning, compliance with local and federal laws and regulations, basic functional restoration, and aesthetic renovations to fit your needs. To succeed, you need a reliable restoration partner that can guide you through the entire process.

That’s what Rutledge Construction can provide. Our experience in this area, particularly in Minnesota, should make our professional restoration services your number one choice when the need arises. To learn more about our services, and to get the process started, contact us.

Building Restoration in Hopkins, MN

Are you looking into building restoration in Hopkins, MN? Not every business development includes new construction. Sometimes, it’s just as important to restore an existing building, whether you have recently purchased it or are simply looking for a comprehensive renovation.

In either case, our building restoration services are perfect for your business in Minnesota. With decades of experience in the field, along with an in-depth knowledge of Minneapolis and surrounding countries, we can help your business get the most out of your existing, and perhaps even historic, building.


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