If you are opening or renovating a beauty salon or spa, engaging with professional construction partners is a must. Your goals are ambitious, and you need your new building/interior to work exactly how it’s supposed to to satisfy your customers.

As a result, thorough planning is absolutely necessary to engage in a successful construction process. And as you begin to plan for the project, here are 4 things to keep in mind for your salon and spa build out.

1) Start from the Ground Up

When building your beauty salon or spa, you have to start from the ground up. And we mean that quite literally: the foundation and flooring should be your first point of consideration. Without it, the entirety of your project may go sideways.

More specifically, you should look toward your building needs to guide you through the process. Planning out the different sections of your spa will help you understand you needs: where do you need water supplies? What about high-voltage electricity? Answering these questions allows you to build a foundation that can accommodate every need you and your customers may have.

2) Prioritize the Experience

Speaking of customers: especially when it comes to beauty salons, their experience should be your major priority. As you probably know, this type of business absolutely relies on conveying a feeling of comfort and relaxation. If you can’t offer or convey that feeling, you will not be able to attract guests and customers to your salon.

To accomplish that feat, the most important thing to do is putting yourself in your customers’ shoes. What do they expect when they walk into a salon? What do they need for the waiting area, what colors work well to convey feelings of relaxation? Scouting other spas, talking directly to potential customers, and working with a construction company that has experience in building for this type of business are all potential steps to guide your direction.

3) Keep Functionality in Mind

While experience matters for your customers, functionality matters for your business efficiency and staff satisfaction. And the two concepts are interconnected: offering a great customer experience in a non-functional space is almost impossible. If your beauty salon or spa is not functional in its layout and features, running a successful business will become that much more difficult.

For your construction process, that means keeping functionality alongside customer experience in mind is crucial. Think about exactly what you and your staff needs to operate at all times, and incorporate those ideas into the building layout and interior features you plan to build into your salon or spa. Then, work with your construction partner to make sure your functionality goals are realistic and achievable.

4) Work with Reliable Partners

We’ve hinted at it throughout this piece, and it remains true for all of the above points: finding and working with a reliable construction partner is crucial in building out your salon and spa. A company that has experience in building or renovating this type of business can help to point you into the right direction, and also offers a valuable outlet for feedback as you are planning the building and interior renovation.

Ideally, your construction company should also have knowledge of the local area in addition to the type of business you’re trying to build. That local knowledge leads to a better understanding of potential customers in the area, along with a more streamlined process in building according to local laws and ordinances.

Ultimately, finding the right construction partner is up to you, and serves as the basis for the entirety of your salon and spa build out. If your construction project happens to be in Minnesota, we’d love to have a chat about it. Contact us today to get started.

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