Building restoration is always a giant undertaking and that is why reviewing many different components of the process before beginning it is so vital. Without careful planning and a thorough understanding of a few basic things, the building restoration project will end up being substantially more frustrating than it needs to be. In this post, we will take a look at four things everyone should think about before starting a commercial building restoration project.

  1. The History of The Building: It is always wise to conduct some research on the history of the building before making plans to restore it. While doing your research, ask questions including, “How has the building changed throughout the years?”, “How can I maintain the old history and integrity of the structure while bringing in modern furnishings, features, and amenities?” and “What did the area surrounding the building look like throughout the years?”. If you can’t find this information on your own, it’s worth looking into city records or working with an experienced commercial contractor who can help you find the answers.
  2. The Potential for Tax Credits: While there is no guarantee of this, there is a good chance you could qualify for certain credits on the local, state, and federal levels during the duration of your commercial building restoration project. If you could receive tax credits and what tax credits you could receive will depend on the type of restoration project that is taking place as well as the building that is being restored. 
  3. The Budget You Are Working With: No two budgets are the same, especially in regards to commercial building restoration projects. There are several varying aspects that will affect the total cost of the project. It is a good idea to chat with a professional contractor to get an estimate on what the entire project will cost you. And although it is essentially impossible to get an exact figure at the start of the project, you can be certain that unexpected costs could arise. That is why you will want to live by the expression “expect the unexpected” when restoring a commercial building. The best piece of advice you could take seriously is to include a contingency amount in the total budget. This contingency can be used in the event that something costs you more that you thought or some extra repair has come up. 
  4. The Contractor Who Works on The Project: After you have gotten all of the other points out of the way, it is time to focus on picking the right contractor for the job. Of everything you do to prepare for a commercial building restoration, this is the most important because the outcome of your project is dependent upon the skill and experience of the contractor. Obviously a bad or inexperienced contractor will most likely present you with a less than desirable end result whereas a good contractor will provide you with the end result you wanted. If you have never hired a commercial contractor before, some things that you can do to find a great one include reading reviews, speaking to references, looking at their previous projects, checking out their portfolio, and asking them the right interview questions. If everything else has positive things to say about the contractor and you get a good sense from speaking to them, chances are you have found the right contractor for your project.  

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