The business of public amusement is among the most rewarding to be in. If you can build a facility that will play a tangible part in improving your community, you will not only turn profit but also find fulfillment that other industries simply can’t.

That is true especially for entertainment options which are not common for areas around the US, such as ice rinks. Building a facility that accommodates hobby skaters and rec hockey teams will not only bring in revenue, but also improve the community. To make sure you achieve both of these goals, here are 5 considerations you should keep in mind during your ice rink or arena facility construction project.

1) Plan Strategically

Building any type of large-scale building, particularly if it’s public, will require a strategy. That strategy should extend from the exact location and the viability of the project to the type of contractors you will need to work with and the permits you will need to apply for.

Set your goals, and build very specific tactics aimed at achieving these goals. Only then can you move forward in actually planning your ice rink construction.

2) Determine Your Exact Focus

Simply stating that you want to build an ice rink or arena is not enough. Within that general category, a number of variables will influence your construction project.

Are you looking for an indoor or outdoor arena? How many skaters are you looking to accommodate? Will it be optimized for hockey or recreational skating, and are you perhaps even looking at a portable alternative? All of these questions should play into determining the exact focus your construction project will have. Know exactly what you want before you start building it.

3) Focus on Energy Efficiency

Ice rinks will take quite a bit of energy to operate, regardless of outside temperatures and seasons. If you are looking to build one, you are likely looking to make a profit – which means minimizing the ongoing costs that your rink will incur.

That, along with a number of other reasons such as sustainability, should drive you to focus on constructing a rink that is energy efficient. From the size of the ice surface to the machinery the public won’t see, find the tactics that can help yo save energy and minimize your tangible and intangible costs.

4) Go Beyond the Ice Rink

As important as the actual ice surface is to the success of your project, it’s far from the only thing that matters in building a successful ice rink. Your goal, especially if the ice rink will be open to the public, is not just to create a great skating experience; instead, it’s to provide a great overall experience.

That means planning and building the dressing rooms for skaters, along with other accommodations such as bathrooms. Handicap accessibility is also key, not necessarily for skaters but for any family members who might want to come along. Plan for all eventualities to create a perfect overall experience for your future visitors.

5) Work With Professionals

As mentioned in the beginning, building and operating an ice rink can be incredibly fulfilling. At the same time, it’s also immensely daunting. The variables you have to keep in mind far exceed other construction project, making it paramount to work with professionals who have experience in the field and can help you make informed and good decisions.

These decisions can involve the above and any other variables that will impact the success of your construction project. Ideally, one construction company should oversee the project, helping you organize everything connected to it. To learn more about how we can help to optimize your ice rink and arena construction project, contact us.

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