Whether you are hiring a roofing contractor for a commercial property or residential property roof, there are certain things that you need to know before moving forward with anyone. In order to get the best results on a roofing project, ask the company some critical questions. In this post, we will uncover five questions you should ask before hiring a commercial roofing installation company.

  1. Are You Going to Remove my Old Roof? The answer to this question should be yes. If a roofing contractor comes in, eyeballs your roof, and claims that new shingles can be put on without pulling up the old roof, you probably want to look elsewhere for a contractor. Without pulling up an old roof, you will never know if there are rotting wood areas of soft spots. And if these things are left unaddressed, you will be left with bigger problems later down the road. A reputable contractor will remove the old roof before installing a new one. 
  2. Are You Bringing a Container For Refuse Material? A roofing company should not expect you to supply a container for refuse material. Refuse material is whatever they throw down (primarily shingles) when they are pulling up an old roof. They should bring their own container for all of this. Ask the company beforehand if they will be bringing one and if they do not, it may raise some red flags.
  3. What Will You do When The Whether Changes During The Job? Naturally, roofing contractors have no control over the weather. What they do have control over, is what they will do when inclimate weather affects the job in process. Ask the company what they will do in the case of rain or some other form of weather that will disrupt the job. The best companies always plan for weather problems and when the rain arrives, they should use plastic covers to protect the roof. And should the rain persist over several days? The company should offer to come back and ensure that the plastic covers are effectively keeping the rain out of the home.  
  4. How Will You Protect my Property During The Project? Let’s fact it, roofing can be a messy job and if proper precautions are not taken, carelessness could lead to damaged property. Every client wants to be assured that their property and landscape will be protected, so before hiring a roofing company, ask them what they will do to ensure your property will be kept safe. They should tell you what equipment they will be using, where they will be placing it, and what traffic patterns they will use to make sure nothing gets destroyed. 
  5. Will You Provide Me With a Written Estimate? No mater how likable or a trustworthy a company may seem, you never want to rely solely on a verbal agreement or a handshake. Get everything in writing including contracts, warranties, and an estimate. Before hiring and letting contractors start a job, and before you even sign a contract, you want to get a written estimate to avoid problems that could arise later. The written estimate should include the cost of ripping up the old roof, installing the new one, and anything else that might arise unexpectedly during the job. 

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