Any commercial construction project is a major undertaking. Within your industry, you have likely heard the myriad of horror stories about simple mistakes that derailed entire projects. But how do you avoid the most common commercial construction and remodeling pitfalls? Here are 5 tips to keep your project on track.

1) Budgeting Properly

The majority of all construction issues come down to budget. Unexpected costs pop up, the money is needed elsewhere, or the expectations were unrealistic. When that happens, especially on a multi million dollar construction site, your project could stall or worse, need to be cancelled.

To avoid this serious issue, budgeting properly is absolute key. That includes initial budget planning with all variables and a contingency for unexpected costs, along with regular check-ins and adjustments based on the current state of the project. The earlier you involve your contractor in the planning process, so more accurately and realistically you can plan out your budget.

2) Vetting Potential Construction Partners

Another common source of problems at the construction site is a contractor of subcontractor who does not fulfill their obligations. If the work done in any part of the project is not up to par or delayed without reason, it can have a ripple effect on the rest of your construction site that ultimately delays or jeopardizes the entire construction.

Avoiding these types of issues begins early in the planning process: by finding a contractor and construction partner that is both reliable and accountable. You need to know that they can reliably complete your work, and any specialists they work with should match the same criteria.

3) Establishing Relationships with Contractors

Disconnect with the happenings on your work site is another reason your commercial construction or remodeling project could be in trouble. Now knowing your contractors, even if they have the right qualifications and expertise, can lead to potential trouble down the road.

Establishing a relationship with your contractor, on the other hand, is beneficial in a variety of ways. To start, it will enable you to be more connected with the day-to-day construction site activities. In addition, you can use their knowledge as a resource; if they feel they can save money or time by making adjustments and deviating from the original plan, they will be more likely to tell you and allow you to benefit from the relationship.

4) Regular Progress Reports

Another way to solve the above-mentioned ‘disconnect’ problem is to establish regular status report with your contractors and specialists. This should be done early in the planning process, to get everyone on board.

No one likes getting ‘called into the principal’s office’ with little notice. But if the expectations from the start are that you would like to hear regular (weekly or monthly) updates on the status of the construction project, the meetings will be more congenial. In addition, these meetings allow your construction partner to share any current or potential issues they have or might encounter, enabling you to find solutions before they become major problems.

5) Considering Legal Implications

Finally, you do not want and cannot afford for your construction or remodeling project to get into legal trouble. Depending on the area in which the site is located, you will have to follow local and state laws that govern the site itself, along with treatment of the workers and more.

These legal implications should be clear before construction begins. For example, getting the permit process started early allows you to get it out of the way before it becomes a problem. If your contractor has done work in the area before, talk to them about their past experience in the process.

Of course, many of these individual solutions to common construction pitfalls overlap. For example, establishing a relationship with your contractor will make it easy to discuss and adhere to legal restrictions. Similarly, these legal implications could impact your budget.

The common thread, then, is your contractor: with a trusted partner for the entire process, you can ensure that your project will be completed smoothly and successfully. To learn more about achieving just that, engaging in a commercial construction or remodeling project without major headaches, contact us.

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