Retail spaces construction is a discipline of commercial construction and design that combines several areas of expertise for the design and construction of retail space. Although the design of retail space is an architectural specialty that includes interior design, but also incorporates advertising, ergonomics, graphic design, industrial design and interior decoration, as well as site design.

Retail is such a competitive area of business and providing the right layout, circulation, entrance and exit and atmospheric conditions take a cooperative effort between the designer and the contractor. It is essential the designer and contractor work together in an understanding and cooperative manner to make the project a success and if the contractor is also the designer, that is a bonus.

Let’s discuss five items to keep in mind when considering hiring retail spaces construction contractor.

1. The Permitting Process

It is important a retail spaces construction contractor understand the permitting process and the necessary permits that must be obtained before the work begins. There are always local permits to obtain and depending on the type of work there may be state and possibly federal permits that are required. The permitting process may impact the time frame for starting and completing a project and that has to be taken into consideration when bidding and estimating a time frame for the project.

2. Licensing and Insurance

It is essential the retail spaces construction contractor carry the proper licensing and insurance. The proper licensing assures the client the contractor has demonstrated their ability to perform and complete the tasks undertaken for the project and the work will be of a certain quality. Proper insurance protects both the contractor and client in case of accident while the work is underway.

3. References

References are very important to check and the ability to speak directly to others the contractor has worked for is vital to help evaluate if the contractor will meet the needs of the client. It is important the contractor has experience in the type of retail space that is needed. Keep in mind a newly formed company may have the necessary experience as long as the employees have been in the industry for a decent amount of time.

4. Understanding Retail Space Needs

Since the design of retail space must be in such a way that promotes a hassle free and enjoyable shopping environment it is important the retail spaces construction contractor be experienced in the type of retail space being built. Shoppers want to have plenty of room to roam the store without feeling like they are in a sardine can. If a shopper is feeling cramped in a store they will most likely curtail their shopping expedition earlier than the original plan and may view products, as well as the store in a negative light.

5. Estimates

Before signing a retail spaces construction contractor for a specific project, it is wise to obtain at least three bids for the work. The bids, which should always be written should include specifics about the project such as an expected time frame to start and complete the project, the materials to be used, items the client will provide such as plans and specifications and what happens if something unexpected while the work is underway such as weather events or a delay in obtaining the supplies and materials. The bid should also include who is responsible for cleanup and disposal of debris. The bid should also outline the permitting process and who will be responsible for application items and fee.

If you are in need of retail space construction, please contact us and speak to one of our experienced technicians and let is guide you through the process.

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