When you own a commercial property such as an office building as opposed to a residential space, you are given an entirely unique set of responsibilities far different from those you have when you own a home. Owning a building means that there will inevitably come a time when structural repairs are required or you might have the desire or need for renovations. So how do you make sure that you have entrusted extensive construction work to the right professionals? In this post, we will discuss five tips to help you pick the best company for office building construction

  1. Don’t Choose a Contractor Based on The Price Tag: As tempting as it is to go with the most affordable cost estimate that one of the contracting companies you are interviewing has provided you, think it through very carefully. In many cases, such a low cost could mean that the contractor is either inexperienced or hiding future costs from you. And the saying really is true: “you get what you pay for”. If you want high quality results and construction that will last for decades, you are going to have to invest a little more. Find a contractor who will work within your budget as best as possible, but will be transparent with you about all of the cost factors that come with the project.
  2. Review Their Experience: It would be a serious mistake to hire a contracting company that specializes only in home renovations. Just because a company offers construction services does not mean that they will provide the best results for a job on a commercial space, such as your office building. While several construction companies will offer services for both residential and commercial clients, you always want to make sure that whoever you hire does have extensive experience in commercial construction. Ask to look at their portfolio, speak to former and current commercial construction clients, read their reviews on their website and other parts of the web, and check out their website to view examples of all their previous work. 
  3. Plan to Meet: If any construction company says that they can do an extensive job without first visiting your commercial property, don’t hire them. A reputable contractor will want to see what they’re working on before making promises to you about how long the job will take or how much it will cost. Schedule a time for the contracting company to come by and take a look at the office building. Use this time to ask questions like “how long will this project take?” “what do you need from me before getting started?” and “can I get a cost estimate in writing?”. 
  4. Get it All in Writing: Speaking of getting a cost estimate in writing, get everything in writing. Make sure the company you plan to hire has a written contract for you to review first. And before signing the contract, get that price quote in writing. Ask about setting up a pay schedule and getting that in writing. In addition to written agreements, make sure you have a copy of proof of liability insurance (to know that both you and their workers are protected) and proof of credentials. A trustworthy company will happily supply you with this information and prove they have nothing to hide. 

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