Whether commercial window installation is new construction or a task to replace existing windows, it is important to choose the right commercial window installation contractor. Window installation is a task that is best left to the professionals to make sure the installation is performed properly using the best windows, tools, methods and techniques available.

Let’s discuss seven tips for choosing the commercial window installer contractor that is best for the project.

1. Request for Bids:

It is important to solicit installation bids from at least three window installers before making the final choice. Competition is a healthy aspect for the economy and helps to keep costs down and that is beneficial for the consumer. Make sure contractors bidding on the commercial window installation are working with the same information. It is important the installer visit the site if it is a replacement program or be included in the loop if it is new window installation.  It is advantageous to keep in mind the lowest bid does not necessarily mean the commercial window installation contractor of choice will use less than satisfactory products or installation methods and the highest bidder does not necessarily mean the installer will provide the optimum installation methods and materials.

2. Window Manufacturers:

Ask the commercial window installation contractor about the manufacturer’s they deal with. It is essential the window manufacturers are reputable and have a track record of longevity in the industry. If additional windows are necessary in the future or there are problems with the windows after installation it is easier to deal with the original supplier than trying to find an installer experienced with the windows in question.

3. Guarantees and Warranties:

Make sure the commercial window installation contractor provides a guarantee for their work for a definite period of time. It is also important the windows come with a warranty. A reputable installer and manufacturer will always stand behind their work and provide services to the customer’s satisfaction, as well as install quality products.

4. Schedule of Work:

Always ask the commercial window installation contractor to provide a schedule of work. It is important to have a time line of events and tasks especially if the window installation is in an occupied building.  It is important tenants are happy with the process and it does not bring about unnecessary disruptions. Tenants should always have access to a contact in case questions arrive during the installation process.


Always check references for the commercial window installation contractor. Check out projects the installation contractors have worked on in the past and look for similar projects to make sure they are on board with the requirements of the project.

6. Installation Certification:

Often times, commercial window manufacturers have installation requirements and require an installer to complete a certified installation program. Proper completion of the program assures the customer the installation will be complete using the right tools, methods and techniques. Proper installation is essential to make sure the windows are weather tight and provide the proper insulation. It is also important from an aesthetic perspective, as well.

7. Insurance:

A sometimes overlooked component of the commercial window installation contractor choosing process is to make sure the contractor carries the necessary insurance to cover their work and protect the installation team, as well as the customer’s property.  Documentation of such insurance can be provided with a bid to perform the work.

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