4 Signs That Your Commercial Building is in Need of Roof Repair

An inevitable part of owning a commercial building is routine maintenance and upkeep of that commercial building. And that will eventually include roof repair or total replacement of the roof. But how can you know when your commercial building begins to shows sign of wear? In this post, we will take a look at the top four things to look for when you are trying to decide whether or not it is time to either repair or completely replace your commercial building roof. 

  1. Small Holes or Bubbles: When inspecting the roof of your commercial building, keep an eye out for any small holes or bubbles on the surface. If you are able to see bubbles sporadically popping up throughout the roof, it generally means that something (typically moisture) is trapped underneath the surface. When these bubbles go unaddressed, it can lead to mold spots and small leaks. It is always best to get these bubbles looked at and repaired early on so that they do not turn into bigger problems. And if you see small holes in the roof, this is a clear indication that immediate repair is required to thwart bigger, more expensive, and more damaging leaks from quickly developing. 
  2. Standing Water And Leaks: When you can spot standing water on the surface of the roof, you want to get that area of the roof repaired right away. Left unaddressed, that standing water will put too much pressure on the roof (especially if it is an older roof) and lead to leaks. If your roof already has leaks, it has deteriorated to the point where the problem is not compounded and interior repairs are most likely going to be needed as well. At the first sign of standing water, call a commercial construction contractor to inspect the area and get started on repairs before they became major and costly. 
  3. Cuts, Splits, or Tears on The Roof: Any time you can see noticeable cuts, splits, or tears on your roof’s surface, it is most likely caused by excess heat exposure. In the event that you recently had other maintenance work conducted on or near the roof, this also could be the culprit of cuts, splits, or tears in your roof’s material. When equipment has been moved around or the ducts and air conditioning has been worked on, it can lead to the weakening of the membranes. If you live in a particularly hot climate and you know that your commercial roof will endure scorching temperatures, schedule a few times throughout your warmest seasons to inspect the roof and ensure that no damage has been done to the surface.  
  4. Your Energy Bills Are Steadily Rising: At first glance, this might not seem like it has anything to do with your roof, but if your roof needs to be replaced and it hasn’t been, it could actually be contributing to more expensive monthly energy bills. Take a look at the insulation levels of your commercial property. Your roof actually plays a role in insulating your building. And if your roof is old or damaged in some way, it is not insulating your property as effectively as it should. This is what can lead to higher energy costs (even if your HVAC usage has not changed).

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