Vacations are so important for healthy family dynamics. Who doesn’t remember their favorite childhood vacation? Disney World? A trip to the Vancouver Island? A road trip to a lake-front cabin? So many important moments and memories happen on family vacations. Unfortunately, vacations and holidays are passed over, because of work deadlines, school programs, and overall busyness. It is hard to plan a vacation, book the rooms, organize the activities, and pack the family’s things into suitcases. 

Have you ever thought of a vacation home? It provides the perfect holiday location for your family. Here are five reasons to build a vacation home.

1. It is a good investment. Real Estate is the safest form of investment. Are you looking for a way to grow your nest egg? Homes and property are a wise way to invest in your finances. Also, you could always post your home on Airbnb, and have some renters stay in your vacation home while you are away. Let other people pay for your mortgage while you are living in your home town. 

2. It is a place to build memories. Did you have a place that you visited frequently as a child? A vacation home can become a place of nostalgia for your kids and eventually your grandkids. They can picture opening Christmas presents in front of the bay windows. They can dream about canoeing and paddle boarding on the lake just outside the cabin. They can have a place to get away from school deadlines, reports, and basketball tryouts. A vacation home can be a place of refuge and safety, and you and your family will remember it forever. 

3. It will save you money. Though there will be an upfront cost, building your own dream vacation home will save you money in the end. Besides a plane ticket or gas money, there will be little to no travel expenses. Food can be purchased at a grocery store and made within the kitchen. No one will have to go to a drafty hotel or find a resort that isn’t booked. You won’t have to find “things to do.” You can stock your vacation house with amusement like board games, a tire swing, or art and crafts supplies. Vacation homes save you money in the end, because they are a second home. It is easy to be thrifty when you already have a house stocked with supplies and amusement. 

4. It will save you time. Planning a vacation is stressful. There are so many details to organize and check in on. If you own your own a vacation house, all you have to do is pack up your family and go. You don’t need to check on the safety of the hotel you are booking. You do not need to get directions to the resort. You won’t have to wonder about what the weather will be like and how to pack, because you will already know. Building your own vacation home, will make things easier and save you time. That way, you can focus on school and work when you are at home, and you can focus on family connection and making memories when you are on holiday. 

5.You can make it exactly how you want it. A vacation home is a good idea, but a personally designed and built vacation home is even better! Instead of stuffing the children into cramped rooms, why not build one for each one of them? Planning on going to your vacation home every Christmas? Build a signature fireplace to hang the stockings on. Wanting a home next to a lake? You could build an extra shed to house the paddle boards, canoes, and fishing supplies. Building your own vacation home allows you to personalize your family time, and this is a worthy investment. 

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