Anytime your business manages a construction site, chances are you can benefit from a general construction contractor partnership. When engaging with professionals in this area, you can be sure that your day-to-day operations will be well taken care of, materials and personnel is managed effectively, and the construction project is completed on time and on budget.

That’s exactly what we want to provide for you. Our history with Minnesota businesses and their individual construction needs have enabled us to become one of the premier general construction contractors in Minnesota. No matter whether our partnership with your business will entail a minor renovation or a major building project, we can help you succeed in your construction goals.

The Core Benefits of a General Construction Contractor

Imagine having to manage all day-to-day aspects of a construction site on your own. In addition to continuing to run your business, you need to worry about daily oversight, organization of relevant professionals from engineers to plumbers and electricians, ordering of materials, and sufficient communication to keep everyone involved and engaged in the project.

Without a doubt, that’s a difficult task for anyone, let alone someone who also needs to worry about other aspects of their business at the same time. A general construction contractor will take over these managerial tasks, gaining valuable oversight for your project. The result is not just greater and more efficient organization, but more accountability and a bigger chance that your construction site will be finished both within your desired time frame and your budget. 

The latter is becoming especially important. Construction costs have escalated in recent years, due to a rise in material prices and professional rates. We can help you manage your budget to ensure your construction costs don’t begin to endanger your overall budget.

Generations of Contracting Expertise

To accomplish the above goals, of course, you have to make sure that the general contractor you partner with has sufficient expertise and experience in working with businesses like yours. That’s where we come in.

Rutledge Construction has provided business like yours with contracting help since 1947. We are committed to provide not just sufficient, but outstanding service to the businesses we work with. Regardless of whether you are planning a small-scale interior renovation or a large-scale building project, we want to bring our decades in valuable experience and expertise to your construction site.

The Value of Local Minnesota Expertise

When planning your construction project, don’t underestimate the value of working with a general contractor who knows and has extensive experience in the area where you hope to build or renovate your commercial site.

Consider, for example, the building permits and necessary regulations you have to follow to make sure you stay within local law, and don’t escalate your budget through fines. A Minnesota general construction contractor can not just help through that process, but also facilitate hiring local professionals in all areas of your project at affordable rates.

Guiding Your Construction Project From Beginning to End 

Finally, ask yourself this question: how integrated do you want and need your construction project to be? Are you looking for a general contractor who comes in after the building is already planned, only managing the execution of a pre-existing plan? Or would you prefer professionals who can help from the beginning to the end of your project, saving costs and optimizing your efforts in the process?

For obvious reasons, the answer for businesses like yours is increasingly the latter. That’s why our design-build approach has become so popular in recent years. We can do more than just help your general construction contractor needs; in addition, we can make sure that everything about your project runs smoothly. To learn more about our approach, and to begin talking to us about your construction needs, contact us.

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