Everybody hates going to the dentist. And yet, it’s on of the most important regular doctor’s visits you can make. When you run a dental clinic, you have to constantly contest with these two conflicting truths.

So when you are planning a dental clinic construction or renovation project, you need to make sure that you end up with a space that minimizes friction and improves your patient’s experience. While plenty of construction details will come into play, all major decisions should be made with your patients in mind.

Feature the Waiting Area

If people hate going to the dentist, consider the waiting area their purgatory. They know what’s coming, and that they’re probably not going to like it, so the wrong space can increase their tension and exasperate the problem.

That’s why building a spacious and comfortable waiting area is crucial. As a dentist, you know the importance of relaxed patients to do your job. Design and build a welcoming, open space with light colors and plenty of activities that allows your patients to get the calm they need before their appointment.

Allow for Some Privacy

The layout of the space itself, of course, also matters. Many dentist offices feature patient rooms that are not entirely private, given the fact that most work done will probably not require privacy.

But ‘not require’ is different from ‘not desired.’ While open spaces do allow for a more positive experience in many cases, it will not help those patients who are worried about the work about to be done in their mouths. Design the space to offer at least some privacy for those patients, whether you accomplish that feat with dividers or physical walls.

Minimize Logistic Challenges

To be able to do your job as a dentist, you need to have plenty of space to maneuver around your patients. Each of your rooms, as a result, should be designed with that maneuverability in mind. When in doubt, add extra space to each room so that your assistant can do her job as well.

The same logistic challenges are important to consider through the whole space, as well. You may need to accommodate an X-Ray machine to examine your patients’ jaws, and probably need storage areas for your equipment and giveaways to your patients. Walking areas between the waiting area, reception desk, and patient rooms are also crucial. The more you optimize the space for patient and work flow, the more your patients will thank you.

Work With Professionals

Finally, perhaps the most beneficial strategy to optimize your new or renovated dental clinic for your patients is to partner with professionals who have worked on similar projects in the past. Simply finding the nearest construction company is not enough; instead, given the above unique challenges of your project, you need to find a company that has experience specifically in building dental offices.

Finding the right partner also means working with a firm that can help organize the entirety of the construction project. You need to find the right location, apply for the correct permits, and organize work between your architect, contractors, and any other professionals involved. A single company organizing the entirety of the workflow can help significantly in keeping your construction project on track and within budget.

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