Owning a commercial property comes with some incredibly big responsibilities and one such responsibility is the upkeep of the building. Without properly maintaining the space that you own, it will eventually “die out” much sooner than it should. Or, it can lead to extensive and extraordinarily expensive repairs that would have otherwise been minor if they were addressed right away. However, when you take care of routine maintenance tasks, you can extend the life of your building by decades. Additionally, there will come a time when bigger renovations will be needed. If you are wondering if now is the time to renovation your commercial property, take a look at these three signs that should give you a better idea. 

  1. A New Paint Job Just Isn’t Doing The Trick Anymore: Sometimes, all a commercial space needs is a fresh coat of paint to really add new life to the whole building. But there will come a time when a simple paint job wouldn’t cut it anymore. And that is a good indication that a little bit of heavier lifting needs to be done. For example, if the building is several decades old and still touts some pretty horrific looking wood paneling, painting over it just isn’t an option. When the walls are noticeably old, it’s time to replace them, not paint over them.
  2. Your Office Equipment And Furniture is Looking as Dated as Your Walls: So maybe your office equipment is not 1970’s old (after all, how would you get anything done without today’s technology?), but everything within your office building is obviously older. If you plan to do some structural renovations in your commercial space, it wouldn’t make much sense to leave old, dated, and worn out furniture and equipment in the space. If you are planning a big renovation for your building, make sure to fit in furniture and equipment replacements into the budget. This should include new lighting, work spaces, and other aesthetically pleasing features that will bring out modernity and fresh energy in your office building.
  3. The Carpets Are Looking Pretty Dingy: If your office building is carpeted and you frequently have clients and employees coming in and out of those carpeted rooms, it is inevitable that after time the carpets will face a lot of wear from all of the traffic. After years of use, steam cleaning the carpet will not have the same effect anymore and new carpet installation will be needed. Additionally, if the carpeting is several years old and noticeably outdated, you will want to get it replaced with something new and more modern. You can even take things a step further and view the need to replace your carpeting as an opportunity to try something totally new. For example, instead of putting down new carpeting, you could consider a more durable option such as linoleum, something that is both extremely durable and will last you for years. The cherry on top is that linoleum is generally more aesthetically appealing as well. Some commercial property owners opt for a decorative finish such as microtopping, particularly if they have concrete, wood, or steel flooring. If you aren’t sure of what kind of flooring you’d like to use for your commercial space, ask an expert construction contractor for their advice on what flooring options are the most valuable assets. 

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