Roofing is an important consideration for your business. Whether you are looking at new construction or simply need to replace your existing building’s covering, you absolutely have to make sure that you get the job done right in order to avoid further problems down the road.

To ensure that the construction project is successful, you need to get the details right. That includes finding the right material for your needs and building. Here are a 5 types of roofing materials to consider for your business:

Minnesota Concrete Tile Roofing

This type of roof is especially beneficial if your construction requires a light weight roof. In other words, if you are placing a new roof on an old building, or are simply looking for a product that is durable and requires low maintenance.

Concrete tile, however, is also expensive. Especially when coated with plastic, enamel, or thin metal, the budget of your construction project will be impacted significantly. If you are looking for low-cost materials, you may have to consider alternatives.

Minnesota Hot Mop Asphalt Roofing

A common commercial roofing material is hot mop asphalt, which works particularly well for flat and semi-flat roofs that can drain easily and properly. In contrast to concrete tile, this roofing material is relatively inexpensive, making it a good fit especially for smaller businesses on a limited budget.

One of the side effects of hot mop asphalt is its lack of aesthetic appeal. If your customers can see your roof, you may want to go with an alternative instead. But if it purely serves a functional purpose, it may be a good fit for your business. Installation does result in air pollutants, so be sure to check with your construction company whether hot mop is an option for your new roof.

Minnesota Composite Shingles Roofing

The most common residential roof type may also be a good idea for your business. It’s inexpensive, looks nice, and requires relatively low maintenance.

At the same time, there is a reason composite shingles are inexpensive. They are not as durable as other commercial roofing types, so especially in high-wind areas, they may not be a great fit for your business.

Minnesota Timber/Wood Shakes Roofing

Few roofs look better than those made of timber. If your business relies on exterior appeal to convince its customers to enter, timber may be a great choice. It’s inexpensive, easy to install, and attracts thee yes of a multitude of audiences.

Wood shakes, however, also require significant maintenance. Simply installing it and not worrying about that maintenance may mean a significantly shorter durability than comparable materials, costing your business money in the long run. In addition, it can be sprayed with fire retardant, but is ultimately not fireproof – so be sure to get your insurance straightened out before installing this option.

Minnesota Commercial Metal Roofing

Your business will pay for a metal roof. At the same time, the benefits it derives from this roofing material just may be worth the initial investment.

Metal is light, and can be installed in any type of construction and even an existing roof. Metal roofs are durable, and require perhaps the lowest maintenance of any roofing material on this list. At the same time, the high cost of material and installation may lead some business to shy away from this option.

Of course, choosing the right material for a new roof is only part of the equation. To truly ensure a successful construction project, helping your business both immediately and in the long term, you need to work with experienced and knowledgeable professionals who can install the material the right way.

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