As a retail company, you rely on consistent business. If it dries up, your company might be in danger of going under. As it relates to construction, that means two things:

  • You need to keep your space updated to accommodate your customers.
  • Any construction project needs to be planned with customers in mind.

If you don’t pay attention to the first item, you risk losing out to competition that has more modern and convenient options for its customers to shop. If you ignore the second, it means a messy construction project that will inconvenience your existing and loyal customers while not even addressing core problems.

That’s why any retail space construction project should be undertaken with the customer at the heart of the planning process.

Understanding the Need for a Remodel

First, you should try to gauge your customers’ need for a remodel. Do your existing accommodations still satisfy the guests that frequent your retail space? Through mechanisms such as satisfaction surveys or market research, you may find that the answer is no.

Your customers’ opinions on your space should be the primary driving factor behind your decision to remodel. If it’s not necessary, your money may be best spent elsewhere. But if your customers think you need it, you should proceed as soon as possible. 

Should You Move Locations?

Similar to the above need for remodeling, understanding whether you need to move into another location is another crucial consideration when embarking on a retail construction project. You may find that because of demographic shifts or other external factors, your local market is drying up and you need to move.

When that’s the case, make sure that you move into a location that offers you both the ability to build an effective new space and begin your retail efforts with an established introductory customer base.

Planning Your Store Logistics

Whether you decide to remodel or build a new retail space, the logistics of how your space should be set up is another variable in which customer input can be invaluable. How big should the space be, how many changing rooms do you need, and what about customer bathrooms?

Ultimately, it will be up to your architect to design a space that accommodates these needs. But to understand what the needs for the space are in the first place, it makes sense to consult with your customers. The more you build with their desires in mind, the higher your potential for success.

Communicating the Construction Project

Finally, don’t underestimate the impact that communicating with your customers before and during the construction project can make. If you simply close your retail space without any prior notification, you risk alienating even loyal customers who decide to take their business elsewhere.

Instead, communicate early and often when the space will close, and what improvements your customers can expect once the new space open. The more you let them in behind the curtain of why you are embarking on a remodeling or construction project, the more likely they will be to return once you open your space back up.

Working With the Right Partner

All of the above require a consideration of your customers at the core of your planning project. But even if you accomplish that feat, you still need to work with professionals who have experience in retail space construction and remodeling projects.

As you probably know, retail construction is a complex endeavor. Keeping your customers at the center of your planning efforts is only part of the equation in making the project successful. To work with professionals who have experience in this industry, and who will help you accomplish your goal and make your construction a success, contact us.

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