KokoFitClubLogoWe are proud to be a part of a growing need of exercise studios opening up in the twin cities metro area in Chanhassen and Savage with more studios in the works. The automated fitness studio has opened to meet increasing customer demand of alternative fitness programs.

Koko FitClub is an innovative fitness-studio that brings together technology and fitness for a revolutionary workout experience.


The club uses a patented technology called the Koko Smartrainer System to create individual training plans, customized workouts and personal coaching. The system teaches you exactly which exercises to do, how many reps and how to do them correctly.

Unlike other circuit training programs where you hop from one machine to the other, the versatile Koko machine allows you to perform all of your workouts on the same machine. The name Koko was inspired by a Japanese word meaning “individual,” and that’s exactly what the Smartrainer System is all about. Every member of a Koko FitClub is given an individualized, yearlong workout plan based on his or her specific goals. The plans are broken up in to two to three workouts per week, each lasting only 30 minutes and combining circuit weight training with interval cardio training

As you progress with your training program, your personal “Koko Key,” a special flash drive that stores all your workout details, automatically adjusts your plan for the week. Each club offers a 24-hour unlimited access to fit your schedule.

Koko FitClub is a unique experience with features that make it a perfect fit for a variety of fitness enthusiasts.


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