The time may soon come when your windows aren’t quite performing for you–or perhaps you’re considering an upgrade on your own, but aren’t sure of the best options. Considering the addition of energy efficient window replacements for your home is a wise move; there are cost-effective ways of installing new windows, and the benefits you’ll see right away will be more than worth your effort. Read on to see how energy efficient window replacements will change your life, through savings, maintenance, and actual use:

  • Savings: With energy-efficient windows, you’ll recoup savings on your energy bills immediately. According to House Logic, energy efficient window replacements in a 2,600 square-foot house would save the owners 15% a year on energy bills. Across the board, energy efficient window installers have reported savings up to 50% on bills–which means that if you plan to stay in your property for a number of years, the windows will pay for themselves in money saved, and then continue to save you money beyond. If you hope to sell in the future, you’re in luck there, too. Installing upgraded, newer, energy-saving windows will highly increase the possible asking price of the house when selling. Replacement windows vary in cost, depending on size, frame type, how many are installed at once, and any additions (like low-E coating for more energy efficiency, or extra panes). Visit Home Advisor’s guide to estimate what your installation cost could look like, or contact us for more details.
  • In-home Enjoyment: In addition to saving you money, energy efficient windows will boost your enjoyment of being indoors. You’ll be able to say goodbye to drafts in the winter and inefficient air-conditioner cooling in the summer, with the high quality of windows you’ll now have installed. These energy efficient window replacements are proven to be much better at working to keep a house at optimal, steady temperatures, letting your energy costs stay level. In addition, newer models of windows will insulate properly while also affording you lower UV intensity from outside. You may not realize the full implications of this bonus, but it can, in fact, reduce the fading of fabrics, furniture, and materials that comes with UV rays. With upgrades in window materials themselves, you’ll also find that the glass is sturdier and stronger, providing you with a safer home–safer from weather, intruders, a child’s wild baseball, or anything that may concern you. Some older glass, as well, doesn’t let in natural let as well, and the industry has made massive recent improvements on visible light that can now come in through your windows. You’ll now be able to relax easily and comfortably at home.
  • Maintenance: With the different material options you have available, and better installation techniques these days, you could replace windows and find that you’ll have little-to-no maintenance in their upkeep. Energy efficient windows with vinyl, for example, offer a tight seal to assist with performance and come with the added bonus of being able to stay unaffected by moisture and outside elements, to keep your maintenance work at a minimum. (Fiberglass additionally can provide you with a low maintenance and well-working window replacement option, but can be more expensive to purchase in the outset.) By contrast, maintaining older windows can be a process of reviewing multiple factors: have outside elements rotted any wood, or warped the frame? Is glass still fitted accurately, especially if it’s an old, single-glass pane, and sealed correctly? Do the windows adjust easily to tilt out for cleaning, like replacement models can?

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