Constructing properties with consistent methodology and principles in mind is essential for a long-lasting building. Commercial buildings that are designed with one team of hired architects but constructed by a team that is completely disconnected from the other parties involved can lead to confusion, frustration, and delays. It could also mean, especially in a cold weather climate like Minnesota, that the building is not as structurally prepared for winter storms and damage.

Why should you choose a local company to complete your design build?

You can look at similar examples of commercial buildings in the area to judge the quality of the company. Construction projects that use the design-build model are becoming increasingly popular across the country. But it has also become a bit of a buzzword that companies not used to managing all aspects of a build from design to construction. Using a local company means you can easily inspect buildings in the area that the company has built with similar specifications to what you want. You also have more insight into how they run their business: if they work with reliable contractors, have designs that stand up to local weather patterns and traffic, and how their buildings stand the test of time. 

Local companies can implement features that work better for Minnesota.  Different regions need different construction styles, and Minnesota is no exception. Because of the extreme temperature change and icy lows, every facet of construction works better if it’s specifically tailored for extra insulation and temperature durability. Local experts can:

  • construct concrete floors without latent layers that striate and crumble through frequent thaws, and treat the concrete with floor coatings suited to your building’s purpose.
  • build floorplans that allow for passive airflow and temperature control during both high summer temperature and frozen winters.
  • better handle state, county, and local regulations regarding commercial property builds and permits

Local companies can integrate regional history into your construction. Just like design-build projects have become increasingly popular for commercial properties, using recycled brick and cobblestone is in-demand, especially if it captures a sliver of local history. Local companies not only can better find suppliers for regionally deconstructed walls and pathways, they can create initial designs that highlight accent features so the materials are used to their full advantage. Local teams also source supplies from local providers so you save costs on material transportation and can use local stone. Material costs and transportation with national companies can represent a surprisingly high percentage of the total price tag, and using local suppliers means those fees are diminished or removed entirely.

Design-build project management means fewer delays during construction. Commercial buildings often need to be built in a hurry, and even if you have a margin of time, they still need to be built on schedule. A great deal of the delay during traditional construction methods happens as each new team gets acquainted with the property. One unfinished element can lead to delays for the next team and a continual back-and-forth that slows down the process. But a design-build operation handles the whole design and construction so there aren’t any communication problems or silos in the construction process.

Choosing the team that handles your building’s construction is a big decision. If you already know you want to find a good company with a design-build construction model, choosing a local company means you have access to local suppliers, local architectural expertise, and a company that can answer all of your questions. If you want to learn more about the buildings Rutledge Construction has designed and built over the course of the past seventy years, go to our site or contact us to get started.

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